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Child Found Wandering the Neighborhood on Christmas Day in Only a Diaper!

Thank God for guardian angels and good Samaritans.

On Christmas day an attentive neighbor found a toddler, wearing only a diaper, outside alone in a Bronx neighborhood!

Luis Angel Guzman, 2, escaped the Irvine Street apartment around 10 a.m., opening the front door by himself and making a break for it as his aunt and grandfather slept, his mom Lusenny Guzman, 21, told The Post.

Neighbor Marlene Melvin, 40, was visiting her mother on the same street when she stumbled across the tot standing outside the apartment building.

“I heard a baby cry. I was with my 10-year-old son, and he was like, ‘Mom, is that a baby?’” Melvin told The Post. “When we got in front of the house, I said, ‘Oh my God, yeah, that’s a real baby.’”

“The baby saw me and he picked up his arms like, ‘Pick me up,'” she continued.

“He was just standing on the steps and the door was wide open. The baby must have just walked out of the house.”

The quick-thinking good Samaritan couldn’t raise anyone at Luis’s home so she took him to her parent’s house and dressed him in clothing belonging to her own 2-year-old before dropping him off at the local firehouse, she said.

The mother had only been gone for 15 minutes when she got a distressed call from her sister, she said.

“My sister called me and told me. I worried that something could’ve happened to him, that he could’ve been hit by a car or something — something ugly,” she told The Post.

Melvin called authorities and when the EMS arrived they took Luis home. A worried Guzman rushed home and found the ambulance waiting.

“They were waiting for me to take him to the hospital,” she said from Lincoln Hospital where the tot was sound asleep.

Social workers from the Administration for Children’s Services were also at the hospital, she said.

The mom thanked Melvin for saving her boy on Christmas morning.

“I’m very grateful. I would thank her from the bottom of my heart.”

We're thankful that this story had a happy ending and that little Luis was returned to his mother safely. In times like these, this story could have had any number or tragic endings.


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