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Shoplifting Couple THREW Their Baby at a Guard to Get Away!

A Pennsylvania couple are being sought today after attempting to steal baby formula from a Springfield Target store and allegedly throwing their baby at a guard.

According to ABC6 the incident happened at aTarget store on the 1200 block of Baltimore Pike. Police said the man and woman were shoplifting baby formula while carrying a baby strapped in a car seat. While trying to get away from store security, police said the man threw the baby and car seat at security staff. Investigators released images of the man and woman who allegedly attempted to walk out of the Target store with a shopping cart and backpack filled with formula. When approached by store security, the woman took off. The man allegedly threw a car seat with a child inside of it at the security employee in the process.

We know that times are extremely hard right now and that yes, some people who can't provide for their children have resorted to theft but this. . . this is crazy!

Hopefully this mother and child can get some help, after facing the consequences of her actions. No mother wants to look at a hungry child and have to make this kind of decision. The man, and presumed father, is a different story. You don't throw a baby to create a diversion. That was just flat out wrong.

What do you think should happen in this case? Let's chat about it in the comments!


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