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Woman Stabs Her Husband to Death IN FRONT OF Their Children and Says She's "The Devil"

40-year-old Octavia Carter is facing a murder charge after fatally stabbing her husband in front of her three young children on Saturday.

Police were called to the Budget Suites on Tropicana Avenue in Las, Vegas shortly after 9:30am after one of the children alerted a staff member that his father had been injured. When medical personnel made contact with Carter and inquired whether the victim was breathing she responded "probably, I don't know".

The victim, identified as 50-year-old Johnny Franklin, was not.

"Police reportedly made contact with the suspect and found she was covered in blood and had a towel wrapped around her right hand. Police found Franklin, Carter’s husband, lying on the floor in a bedroom, unresponsive.

Paramedics arrived and pronounced Franklin dead at the scene. According to one of the responding paramedics, Franklin had a laceration across his neck and multiple stab wounds to the chest.

Carter, who had a deep laceration to her right hand and small lacerations to her left hand, was transported to UMC Trauma.

The report said one of the paramedics said Carter admitted to killing her husband. The paramedic said Carter told him she had smoked marijuana."

According to police the paramedics who transferred Carter to the hospital said that she repeatedly said "I am the devil" and "God made me this way" while rocking back and forth.

Another paramedic said she talked to the oldest child, 11, who said “mommy was squeezing daddy very tight and stabbed daddy in the life.” The police report did not clarify if Carter is the mother of the children.

That same paramedic asked why Carter stabbed her husband and she replied saying “he gave him AIDS, he gave my son AIDS, that’s why I stabbed him.” Carter also said she believed her husband was gay, the report said.

A detective, who made contact with Carter at UMC, said that he observed Carter rocking back and forth, and going into a trance like state. After Carter was released medically, she was transported to Metro headquarters to be interviewed.

The same day of the incident, detectives got a search warrant for the apartment Franklin and Carter shared and found a large chef style knife with blood on it. Police say they also found a medium-sized kitchen knife inside of a trash can in the kitchen.

Carter was booked into the Clark County Detention Center for Murder with a Deadly Weapon."

The children, ages 8 to 11, were taken by the state in hopes of placing them with family.

This is such a sad story but it places more light on the need for accessible mental health care.

We're praying for the children and the families that have been affected by this tragedy.


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