Rideshare Worker Previously Charged with Kidnapping Gets Upgraded Charges in Toddlers Death.

2-year-old Nalani Johnson was reported missing by her father this summer after he says his rideshare driver took off with his daughter in the car.

None of the initial story made sense until the dark details of the case emerged. Nalani's father had been romantically involved with the woman accused of kidnapping his daughter. He says that he was riding in the car with his daughter and a friend. When they stopped to exit at an intersection, he got out of the car and Nancy took off with his daughter inside before he could get her out.

Sharena Nancy, the driver, first told police that Nalani's father, told her to take the child to someone who had "'paid $10,000" and "bought her". She claimed that she took the child to the person and left her there.

Nalani's body was found in a park three days later.

Nancy was initially charged with Nalani’s alleged kidnapping, as well as interference with custody of children and concealment of the whereabouts of a child.

The public expected additional charges after a formal autopsy had been completed. Now, according to the coroner's report, those results are in and they've determined that Nalani's death was a result of homicide.

Nancy, 25, was formally charged with criminal homicide late last week. She also faces a new charge of abuse of a corpse. She will remain in jail and be arraigned on the new charges shortly.

At this time there is no word on the exact cause of Nalan's death but the authorities in Allegheny, Pennsylvania are asking for anyone with information to contact them at (833) ALL-TIPS.


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