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Midtown Utility Worker Finds Dead Body in Manhole!

Shortly after 3am this morning a Verizon utility worker found a man's body inside of a manhole in Midtown,NY! Reports are saying that the unidentified homeless man was first reported to be in a state of cardiac arrest but when police officers arrived they discovered him to already be in a state of decomposition.

He was pronounced dead by New York EMS.

At this time there is an ongoing investigation into the man's cause of death and how he came to rest down in the manhole but the city suspects he may have been seeking shelter.

New York has a large number of people who are homeless.

In August 2019, there were 61,674 homeless people, including 14,806 homeless families with 21,802homeless children, sleeping each night in the New York City municipal shelter system.

Families make up more than two-thirds of the homeless shelter population.

While there are often shelters for women and children, there is often little space for homeless men..


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