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Baltimore Woman Shoots Security Guard Who Mistook Her Loud Sex for a Fight!

A Baltimore woman is facing attempted murder charges after shooting a hotel security guard Monday.

Allison Nicole Daughtrey, 34, was staying at a Days Inn hotel when police were called to her room for a disturbance complaint. Reports say that Daughtrey was staying in a second floor room with her girlfriend and several children when a security guard accused them of having a fight.

The security guard and Daughtrey began having a heated argument while the couple packed their belongings. The guard then called the police to escort them from the premises and they did so when they arrived.

One of the officers called to the scene questioned Daughtrey's girlfriend about the incident and she insisted that the pair were not fighting but having loud sex.

"An officer escorted the group to the parking lot, then took Daughtrey’s girlfriend back inside to look for a missing cellphone.

When they returned outside, Daughtrey was no longer waiting by the vehicle, police said. Moments later, the officer heard a gunshot in the hotel lobby, and an employee came out and said the security guard was holding down the shooter, according to charging documents.

Daughtrey was arrested at the scene, and surveillance video of the lobby showed her enter, struggle with the security guard at the front counter, and pull out and fire a handgun, the documents said.

The security guard told police he pushed the gun to the side and moved his head, causing the bullet to narrowly miss him. He grabbed the gun with his left hand, causing the slide to jam, while Daughtrey "bit him in his right arm and continued to pull the trigger,” according to the charging documents."

The bullet missed the guard and damaged a wall, curtains and window frame. Although the guard wasn't shot, he hurt his left hand grabbing the gun and was transported to a local hospital and treated there.

Daughtrey claims that the guard struck her and she hit him with her purse. It was the action of swinging her purse that caused her gun to fall from inside of it. The gun then hit the counter and went off. She justified her story by saying "if I intended to ever use the gun, I would never have missed the target.”

Daughtrey has been charged with attempted second-degree murder, assault, reckless endangerment, destruction of property and gun charges.


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