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Houston Mother Kept Dead Daughter's Body in a Closet for a Week!

In this day and age when parents are supposed to be their child's sole protector and defender, we're noticing more and more cases where that statement isn't true.

A Houston mother is being investigated by police after they found her 5-year-old daughter's body in a closet. Reports say that family members arrived at the woman's apartment just after 2pm yesterday and were greeted by a strong odor. After searching the apartment, the child's body was found.

The unidentified mother told authorities that her child died on August 27th, a full 7 days before she was found. The mother says the child drank "chemicals" and died afterward.

Police are looking to question all members of the child's household to verify the mother's story but, a man, whom they believe also lives in the apartment, hasn't been located.

After the death of Texas toddler Maleah Davis, who was allegedly killed by her mother's boyfriend, we're suspect of EVERYONE!

"It's very troubling, no matter how the child died, whether it's accidental or intentional death...for a body to be in the closet for several days, that's unthinkable," said Lt. Larry Crowson with Houston Police Department.

It's time for us to protect our children at all costs!


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