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School Employees Sued After Student Made to Fill-In Hair Design with a Permanent Marker!

Let's file this under "I wish a mother#$cker would!"

We've always known that school and teachers have been a little skewed over the years when it comes to their treatment of African-American students. No, we're NOT saying ALL teachers but, some of them remain in a constant state of B.S.

This newest case comes straight out of Pearland, Texas where a young boy by the name of Juelz Trice had the part in his hair filled in with a permanent marker!


"The incident happened at Berry Miller Junior High on April 17. The district claimed Juelz's haircut violated the school's dress code policy. The assistant principal at Berry Miller Junior High told the child he was in violation of the dress code, which at the time stated, “hair must be neat, clean and well-groomed. Extreme hair styles such as carvings, mohawks, spikes, etc. are not allowed.”

Administrators told Juelz his fade haircut design needed to colored immediately or else he'd face in school suspension.

The lawsuit describes how three employees, including principal Tony Barcelona, teacher Jeanette Peterson and school discipline clerk Helen Day, took turns drawing on his head while they laughed."

Writing on this child's head didn't cover the design AT ALL! If anything it made it stand out even more. They literally could have sent him home for the day and had the parents contact them to have him return. This is degrading and dehumanizing to say the least!

"That's assault, and we've sued for assault," said civil rights attorney Randall Kallinen.

There have been plenty of lame apologies spread around from school district officials but nothing can erase the trauma this child had to face over a simple hair part!

One of the school employees who first drew on Trice's head, Assistant Principal Barcelona, has now been promoted to principal at the same school. . . doesn't look like the school district is too apologetic to us.

The school district officials have yet to meet with Julez Trice's parents or his attorney.


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