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"Daddy Don't" Tearful Son Begs Father Not to Call the Cops on Black Man Minding His Ow

As if we needed yet another reason to be mad at the state of the world. . .

A California Bay area Black man, later identified at Wesley Michel, was attempting to visit a friend when he was barred from entering the residential building by a white resident. The resident, thought to be Christopher Cukor who works for YouTube, stopped Michel and bombarded him with questions about why he was attempting to enter his building.

Michel was actually there to visit a disabled friend but, NONE of this was actually Cukor's business. When Michel refuses to tell Cukor why he's there and who he's visiting, Cukor threatens to call the police. The two men get into an even-toned debate over Michel's right to exist all in front of Cukor's young son.

The little boy actually pleads for his father to stop and leave the man alone!

“Daddy, please don’t,” the boy tells he father. “I agree with him, daddy. Please don’t! I don’t like this. I don’t like this. Let’s go.”

“He appears to be African-American,” the white man explains to the 911 dispatcher.

“Listen to your son, walk away,” the black man says. “I’ll stop the recording.”

You can watch the exchange below.

Off screen, the man's friend arrives and is warmly greeted before the white man finally puts his phone down.

Honestly, this didn't have to happen like this. We understand everyone wants to feel safe in their home but, when you're living in an apartment building, you have to understand that your neighbors can, AND WILL, have friends that don't look like you. Don't share your social backgrounds and may not even speak your language.

If you're concerned about people you don't recognize coming in and out of your building you have two choices, MOVE to a single family unit or mind your business ESPECIALLY if your building has attendants at a front desk.

All of this trauma to the little boy could have been avoided if his father had just kept his nose in his own business.

Cukor, after receiving quite a bit of backlash, has deleted all of his social media accounts.

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