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Woman Racially Profiled in Old Navy Accused of Stealing the Shirt She'd Worn All Day!

A random shopping trip turned into a raging nightmare for one woman at a Mississauga Old Navy clothing store. Yesterday the woman, identified as Lisa Calderon, went into the store to exchange an item that she'd purchased the day before. Calderon admitted to wearing a shirt, previously purchased, that still had the price tag on it when she entered the store.

She said "I went in to exchange sandals, (nothing to do with my top), the tags were NOT visible on my top, and only became visible when leaving the store I expressed my racial profile concern to another employee, (I think her name was Jessica), while doing so I popped the collar of my top (which is when I believe the tag became visible). Also it became visible again when Stephanie provoked the hell out of me in a different store, and I pulled it out."

What happened afterwards was an emotional roller coaster that, most feel, could have been avoided.

Calderon says she keeps the tags on her clothes because it's her right to do so and, you know what, IT IS!

After the incident Old Navy released the following statement saying they were "investigating" the situation.

While this happened outside of the United States, Calderon says that she will be filing a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Canada because her rights were violated. She's also been receiving death threats which we believe, can't be coming from people also fighting this battle (if you know what we mean).

For now, Calderon is trying to move on with her life and she's grateful for the outpouring of love and support from those who've reached out to her.

This is a disaster and is definitely going to change the way we see Old Navy, ESPECIALLY if they don't teach their workers some tips on spotting true shoplifters!

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