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Quanell X Says Derion Vence's Family Member KNEW What He Did to Maleah Davis.

We've been following the Maleah Davis case since it first came to the forefront a month ago. The toddler was reported missing with one of the most suspicious stories that the nation has ever heard. Her "stepfather" says that he was knocked unconscious and Maleah was taken by three Hispanic men. The "stepfather", Derion Vence, says that he was unconscious for 24 hours and when he woke up, he (along with his one-year-old son) were on the side of the road and Maleah was no where to be found.

We now know that Vence was a horrible liar and that he killed little Maleah. Her mother, Brittany Bowens, had argued with him just days before she left her daughter with the man who she knew was abusing her. When she returned from burying her father, her only daughter was gone.

Just days ago a child's body, believed to be Maleah's, was found on the side of the road in the neighboring state of Arkansas.

The public is hoping that everyone involved will be brought to justice and then we say everyone, we mean EVERYONE!

Maleah's mother had recently been represented by Community Activist Quanell X but he, like the rest of us, pulled away from her after he decided she wasn't being truthful in all that she knew about the case. Now X says Vence has a family member who knew what he did to Maleah and where her body was.

We're hoping that Vence's charges are upgraded to murder, that her mother is charged with neglect (at the least) and that the random family member is charged with obstruction!


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