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Father of Four Killed in Carjacking that Happened in his Own Driveway!

We've all pulled up to our houses and finished listening to a song on the radio. We've all sat there and finished what we were doing before we went into the house. If you're a mother, you've probably sat in your car for a few minutes of peace before going into the house and engaging "mom mode". For one Texas man, this simple act proved to be fatal.


"Houston police say 41-year-old Dante Green was just sitting in his car in his own driveway listening to music when someone came up and shot him several times. The suspect, or suspects, then took off with Green’s car.

Sadly, Green died at the scene, police said. He lives with his mother, who is disabled and was inside the house when this all happened. His son was also asleep inside the home at the time if the carjacking."

From now on, none of us here will be sitting in our cars. That place of peace has now been disturbed.

Green's car is still missing and no description has been made available at this time.

Police also asking anyone with information on this to please call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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