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“We already know and believe that she is dead and we need to bring her home,” Houston Police Offer R

Although the mainstream media has seemingly moved on from the mysterious case of Maleah Davis, the Houston Police Department won't be budging any time soon! In face, Police Chief Art Acevedo has offered an additional $5,000 reward for information!

4-year-old Maleah Davis was reported missing on May 4th but was last seen alive, on a neighbor's security camera, on April 30th. Maleah had been left by her mother, Brittany Bowens, with her mother's ex-boyfriend while she attended her father's funeral. Many are wondering why her mother would leave her with a man that had been suspected of abusing her but, the mother claims she had no money to take Maleah on the trip with her.

By the time she returned, her only daughter was gone and the man she says she "trusted" was at the center of the investigation.

The ex-boyfriend, Derion Vence, told police that he had been approached by three Hispanic men, knocked unconscious and when he woke up, 24 hours later, Maleah was gone and he didn't know where he was. If you need to refresh yourself on his wildly unbelievable story click here.

Vence was taken into police custody and charged with tampering with evidence, specifically a human corpse, but hasn't said much ever since. Although he hasn't let on to much, Chief Art Acevedo believes he knows everything!

KHOU reports:

"Harris County prosecutors charged Maleah’s stepfather, Derion Vence, with tampering. He is the last person to be seen with Maleah, according to investigators. Also, smells of human remains picked up by police dogs that sniffed Vence’s car trunk, and blood tied to Maleah found inside the apartment Vence shared with Maleah and her mom, Brittany Bowens, make Vence a suspect, police said.

Vence’s dad, Joe D. Vence, said in an online interview that the blood in his son’s apartment is not Maleah’s. Joe Vence said his son is innocent.

“I’m not going to go tit for tat,” Chief Acevedo said. “The case is what it is.”

Chief Acevedo would not discuss the status of Bowens, who is often accused of wrong by people on social media. The chief also declined to reveal much about what Derion Vence told detectives since his arrest.

When asked if Vence could help find Maleah, Chief Acevedo said, “Oh, I’m sure he could. I’m sure if he really wanted to, he could tell us exactly where to find that body. That’s just an opinion based on what I know so far.”

“I really want to not focus on him, not on Ms. Davis’ mother,” he added. “A lot of people have moved on. The media has moved on. I’m glad that you have not moved on, and we’re not going to move on until we get the final justice here and until we bring this little girl home."

We aren't going to let up either until this child has received justice!


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