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Memphis Woman Jailed After She Posts Video of Herself Raping a 4-Year-Old Boy.

Throw this woman under the jail!

25-year-old Tamara Marion was taken into police custody after they obtained two videos that appeared to show her sexually assaulting a child!

Police reports say that they received the videos on Monday and wasted no time identifying the woman in the video as Marion.

We'd like to warn you, some of these details may be disturbing.


According to officers, the first video showed a woman push a small child to the ground, remove his pants and then perform a sex act on him.

The second reportedly showed the child attempting to engage in a different act on the same adult female.

The woman in that video was identified by police as Tamara Marion. She was arrested on Tuesday and charged with rape of a child and especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor.

The relationship between Marion and the child was not released.

Both acts were recorded, but it's unclear if there will be anymore arrests.

"Kids who are dealing with unresolved trauma after sexual abuse can go on to have life long challenges and problems," said Memphis Child Advocacy Center's Executive Director Virginia Stallworth.

She said her team works to help children who have been abused.

"Kids are resilient. If we can get them the treatment they need, they can move on with their lives," she said.

We get trying to understand the mind of a criminal but in some cases, people are just heinous! This is one of those cases!

In your opinion, what punishment should people who commit these types of crimes against children receive? Let's discuss it in the comments below.


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