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Steve Harvey Addresses the Mo'Nique "Slap" Comment Ahead of the Show. [LISTEN]

The buzz surrounding the upcoming episode of "Steve" is probably going to make it one of the daytime talk show's highest rated shows! The show's host, Steve Harvey, sat down with comedienne Mo'Nique and from what we heard, there was sometime of "threat" made by Mo'Nique to slap or punch Steve in the face.

BET reported that "things got heated when Harvey told the Oscar winner that she needed to apologize to Whoopi Goldberg, whom she called "the help" in a recent interview, and the other celebrities she publicly slammed.

Upon hearing his unsolicited suggestion, Mo'Nique reportedly became irate and "threatened to hit Steve in the face.

"Things reportedly intensified after Harvey clarified to her that if she went through with her threat, "her husband would have to come out and square off."

The following clip from the show was aired as a promo that shows an interaction quite the contrary to what is being said. From the looks of it, this is either what was said directly before the Whoopi comment or afterwards.

This morning Steve addressed the comment on his morning radio show. Take a listen and then let's chat about this in the comments below!

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