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Man's Family Looking for Answers From Police After He Dies From Mysterious Injuries.

27-year-old Jameek Lowery went to his local police station for help and ended up dying, mysteriously, just two days later. Last Saturday evening Lowery entered the police station, visibly agitated and shaken, to report that someone was trying to kill him. There were several officers in the lobby, casually talking amongst themselves, when Lowery began to plead for assistance assuring them saying "I'm just paranoid. . . I"m just paranoid, that's all."

Lowery, a father of three young children, documented the event on Facebook Live shifting the camera between the officers and himself. On the video you can see Lowery, sweating and frantic, practically begging for help.

Hours later, he was in the hospital on life support.

Jameek Lowery was checked into the hospital hours after he made the Facebook broadcast with unexplainable injuries. His family reported to that his eye socket had been fractured and that he had a broken cheekbone. NONE of those injuries are visible in the video that was taken just hours before. Lowery's brother, Jamir King, wants to know what happened to his brother during that time lapse.

"Mason Maher, president of the union that represents superior officers in the Paterson Police Department, said he saw the video recorded by Lowery.

“From everything I’ve seen so far, the officers acted professionally and got him the help that he was in need of by calling for the ambulance,” Maher said.

Officials said the officers involved in the incident have been placed on administrative leave while the matter is being investigated. The video does not show any physical contact between Lowery and officers. Officials said they have not yet gotten the final results of toxicology tests taken on Lowery.

But Lowery’s family members said medical staff at the hospital told them they checked for eight different narcotics — all of which they said came back negative.

In addition to King, Paterson Press interviewed Lowery’s two younger sisters — Jalea King and Jamiliha Lowery — as well as Niquasia Salmond, the mother of the deceased man’s two sons.

Lowery’s siblings said they first learned something was wrong at about 9 a.m. on Saturday when they saw the video he posed on social media. Salmond said family members first called police headquarters, but were told he was not there. After that, the family members said, they located him at the hospital."

Understandably Lowery's family is anxiously awaiting the autopsy report that investigators say will be ready shortly.

All of this is wild and suspect because at one point during the video you can hear Lowery say “If I’m dead in an hour or two, they did it,” and that's enough for ANYONE to be suspicious.

We'll keep you all posted as more details surface.

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