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Aaliyah's Mom Calls the Former Backup Dancer a Liar Who Never "Breathed the Same Air"

The closer we get to this "Surviving R. Kelly" premiere date, the more heated the atmosphere gets. The private premiere was evacuated due to threats, more tea is spilled and just recently, some that had his former wife, the late R & B singer Aaliyah, at the center of it.

We reported just a few days ago how a former backup dancer alleged that she'd seen Kelly doing things to an under aged Aaliyah that "no adult should be doing to a child" on a tour bus. The speculations swirling the validity of that claim caused an uproar among the late singers fans as well as her family.

Aaliyah's mother, Diane Haughton, released a statement that calls the dancer, Jovante Cunningham, a liar and stated that she'd been on the road with her daughter and never seen this woman a day in her life.

Check it out.

Listen, we weren't that pressed to watch this documentary but after reading this, we might just have to take a peek.

Aaliyah's mother isn't wrong for defending her daughter's honor and legacy but, folks out here are wondering how, if she was always with them, did they sneak off and get married? Some things, the world may never know.

The "Surviving R. Kelly" docu-series premieres on Lifetime tomorrow night!


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