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Former Backup Dancer Saw R. Kelly Doing "Things No Adult Should Do to a Child" with Aaliya

We've all known this day was coming, we're just wondering what took folks so long! MORE people are coming out of the woodwork to go on record about R. Kelly's deviant behavior and some have seen him with their own eyes.

In an upcoming Lifetime docu-series entitled "Surviving R. Kelly" a host of family members, friends, ex-lovers and business acquaintances sit down with rolling camera to detail what they've witnessed when it comes to Kelly's sexual prowess.

It has been widely speculated, presumed and verified that Kelly, who "admits" to certain desires, has an appetite for young girls dating back to his late teens and early 20s.

The documentary’s first episode, airing Thursday, Jan. 3, includes an emotional interview with former backup singer Jovante Cunningham, who met R. Kelly at age 14 and claims she bore direct witness to his sexual encounters with underaged girls in the ’90s, including his one-time protégée Aaliyah Haughton.

“Aaliyah [was] very tom-boyish, glasses, braces, no swag,” Cunningham describes of meeting the 12-year-old aspiring singer who became acquainted with R. Kelly through her uncle Barry Hankerson, his manager at the time.

“She truly was a beautiful young lady. We used to sneak Aaliyah out of the hotel room and take her all over the place,” says Cunningham. Aaliyah would go on to make it big with her debut R. Kelly-penned single “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number.” “Those were the good old days,” says the former backup singer, “but those are the things that also make you cry.”

During her interview, Cunningham breaks down recalling when she claims to have discovered her boss R. Kelly, then 27, and Aaliyah, then age 15, had a sexual relationship.

“We were out on the road with Aaliyah,” she says. “On a tour bus, there really aren’t many confined spaces. When you get on the bus there are bunks and so these bunks have little curtains you can pull at night if you don’t want anybody to see you sleeping.”

“So it just so happened we were all laying in our bunks and the curtains are open, everybody’s communicating, laughing,” Cunningham continues. “When the [room] door flew open on the bus. Robert was having sex with Aaliyah.”

Asked what she saw, Cunningham responds: “Things that an adult should not be doing with a child.” She adds, “I can’t stress to you how people are still suffering behind things that went on 20 years ago.”

The pair were secretly married in 1994 with the marriage license listing Aaliyah's age as 18 when she was actually only 15-years-old. Her parents had the marriage annulled the following year. Aaliyah, known as the "Princess of R&B", died in a plane crash in 2002.

This isn't the first, second or third time that these types of allegations have had eye witnesses. Kelly's own brother wrote a diss track against him and aired out some dirty laundry and quite a few family secrets. What we're trying to figure out is, WHEN IS HE GOING TO BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE?

We've got all of this proof, all of these people coming forward and Robert Sylvester "the molester" Kelly still remains slicker than an Exxon oil spill! How sway?

If you're interested, the first episode of "Surviving R. Kelly", the documentary that so many were fighting to keep private, premieres on Lifetime January 3. An earlier screening of the film was interrupted before it even began after someone called in a threat to the venue.

Do you need to see more proof of his behavior or, are the rumors enough for you? Will you be watching?


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