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Looks Like Wendy Williams is Headed for Divorce Court and Folks are Tearing Her Up!

Well, well, well what do we have here? Looks like the messiest maven has some matrimonial mayhem on her hands! Rumors have been swirling about her marriage to her husband, Kevin Hunter, for years. He's allegedly cheating for a number of years but the most recent claims are a little more involved.

"After reports of her rocky marriage with Kevin Hunter sliding downhill on infidelity accusations, a new report claimed that him and his alleged mistress are now expectant parents as well. Add Williams’ reportedly worsening health status, which she simply addressed as a recent complication with a hairline fracture on her arm, and there’s significant cause for fans’ concern."

Actress Cherie Johnson took to Instagram yesterday to blast Williams with claims that Wendy had been a victim of domestic violence. Take a look.

This whole pot of tea wouldn't be an issue if Wendy didn't notoriously poke fun at others who are having relationship issues in the most horrible ways. Wendy has been known to make flow charts to detail relationships that have more than two people in them. BET dropped the news first and then the flood of tweets started!

Now, only time will tell if the rumors are true but we're sure that, one way or the other, Wendy is going to have to address this when she returns to the show after her medical hiatus.

Do you think that she's getting what she deserves or do you feel sympathy for her? We don't like to see anybody going through this ind of thing however. . .yeah. Karma.

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