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Bogus Charges Dropped Against Violated NY Mom.

We reported yesterday on the violent treatment of 23-year-old Jazmine Headley and her year-old son Damone.

Jazmine was minding her own business, sitting on the floor in an overcrowded waiting room when security guards began to ask her to move. Knowing that there were no available seats, Headley refused and that's when police officers were called. A bystander caught the incident on camera, posted it to social media and it quickly captured everyone's attention!

Headley was arrested, held without bond and banned from seeing her son! No one who witnessed the arrest, or saw the video, believed that Headley did anything to warrant this treatment and cries for her release didn't fall on deaf ears. Just today, the Mayor of the city released a statement announcing that she would be freed and her charges dropped.

“It was appalling, heartbreaking, disturbing,” City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said. “That three minute video encapsulates and shows you in a very short period of time many things that are wrong in our criminal justice system right now. That a parent could be separated from her child so quickly, the violence involved, the fact that she was waiting for four hours at a HRA center for child care vouchers. It’s sort of the confluence of the systemic issues that really plague our city I think in a pretty uneven, unfair and disturbing way.”

Headley’s family said the ordeal and the use of force were unnecessary.

“There was no reason for NYPD to tug and pull like the way they did with him – he was rag-doll basically. And she was really trying to protect him, and you heard him screaming,” said Damone’s grandmother, Jacqueline Jenkins, who is now caring for the boy. “Had anybody listened to her, then maybe things would’ve went a different way.”

For now, we're grateful that Jazmine has been reunited with her son. Next, we want justice!


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