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When You Don't Believe Fat Meat is Greasy! Boy Gets His Tongue Stuck to a Pole After Watching &q

Kids these days just don't listen! An 11-year-old Sandwich, Illinois boy found out the hard way that your tongue WILL INDEED stick to a pole in freezing weather.

Word has it that Spencer Cline was out sledding with his best friend when he had the bright idea to see if his tongue would actually stick to a pole. If you've ever seen the movie "A Christmas Story" then you'll know that Ralphie and the crew pressured their friend "Flick" to stick tongue to a pole on a cold winter day. After being dared, then triple dog dared, Flick gave in and the rest is history!

According to the Chicago Tribune, "in Spencer’s case, there was no dare. He has seen the movie, but he didn’t think his tongue would actually stick, he said. “I was just tempted to. I’ve seen the movie ‘A Christmas Story,’ which kind of inspired me.”

He approached the pole and asked Cole if he thought it would actually stick. Then Spencer went ahead and did it. His tongue froze to the pole immediately. Surprise, then fear kicked in."

Spencer Cline, 11, left, and Cole Leeper, 12, returned to the pole in Sandwich where Spencer's tongue froze earlier in the week. (TJ Cline)

“Cole thought at first I was messing with him,” Spencer said. “I told him no, it’s really stuck, but he at first couldn’t understand what I was saying.”

Cole, as any friend would, ran to the nearest house and asked a woman if she had hot water for his friend's tongue.

“She said she didn’t have any hot water, and I said, ‘Well, you’re going to have to call an ambulance then,’” Cole said.

Spencer was able to pull his tongue off by the time Sandwich emergency medical service crews arrived. He estimated he was stuck for about seven minutes.

“I was trying to get it off, but I wasn’t pulling,” Spencer said. “I was being gentle and freaking out. Some of my taste buds came off onto the pole.”

Sandwich Deputy Fire Chief Nathan King said the department had never responded to a call like that before.

“Every crew member there was reminded of the movie and laughed at that scene,” King said.

King said if Spencer’s tongue was still stuck, crews would have placed a hot pack on the pole to try and warm up the area and use lukewarm water to remove it.

Spencer’s father, TJ Cline, said he was on his way home from work when he got a call from Spencer saying he was in an ambulance, but he was fine."

We're thankful that this kid didn't lose part of his tongue doing something this crazy! Now, they're going to have to show a warning before each run of this movie so that other unsupervised kids don't try this on their own!

If this was your child, what would you have done?


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