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Finding the Lesson When Tragedy Strikes. [Special Podcast]

The holiday season rolls around every year and for most people, it's a time to be cheerful and gather with loved ones. For most it's a time to reflect, eat themselves silly and see how big their cousin's baby has gotten since last year's festivities. For most, it's a joyful celebration of days off spent with family and friends but, for some, it's as hard as vibranium and as tough as over cooked pork.

This year has been extremely hard for families who've had loved ones battling mental and physical health issues and many are grieving a loss. Today, I took time out to talk to my guest "Leon" about the way he's dealing with what most of us have felt to be a "rough year". Leon lost his brother and his son this year and wanted to talk about the way violence effects the family that victims leave behind. Take a listen.

Dealing with the trials and triumphs that 2018 has parked at our doors can be challenging but we must continue to press forward. If you have any encouraging words to share, or if you are in need of encouragement, leave a comment below. Everyone is welcome to share their love, light and positivity.

Let's make it through the holidays together.

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