Louisiana Veteran Left Partially Blind After Police Officer Uses a Taser on Her EYE!

We often talk about the treatment that our Veteran's receive in this country. How, after serving their country, they return home to substandard treatment. Unfortunately, in this country, there are many different subsets of people who receive maltreatment from the authorities and society and for one African-American female veteran, all of those sections came into play one night.

The ArkLaTex (Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas) New originally published the story:

"Tanisha White, of Winnfield, is recovering at a Shreveport hospital. White suffered several broken bones and was badly bruised.

White explained that she was at a friends house Monday night when she called Winnfield police for a ride home, something she’s done many times before. She believes a misunderstanding led to her brutal attack."

"The police officer pulled the taser out and started shooting in my right eye," she recollected.

White has been in the hospital for three days and she’s just learned what some would consider the worst news possible, that she’ll never see out of her eye again."

Here's our issue with this case, among other obvious infractions, why on God's green earth would you ever taser ANYONE IN THEIR FACE? There's no way this was an accident, misfire or any other such scenario. This was deliberate.

Of course the Louisiana Police Department are investigating but in the mean time, this sister is going to need more than just an ice pack and an "We're sorry". Tanisha White deserves justice!

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