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KeKe Wyatt Has a New Husband and a New Attitude! Tells Ex "Go 'head and have that hoe!&quot

What a difference a year makes! Remember last year when KeKe Wyatt was going through it with her now ex-husband Michael Jamar Ford? She said he was cheating, he said she was toxic and then KeKe went live on Instagram to prove to the world that she wasn't crazy, just pregnant with a lot on her plate. If you missed those stories, click the page links and catch up!

Exactly 14 months later KeKe Wyatt is back with an update on her son who was battling cancer, the state of her love life and a message for her ex! Watch.

KeKe and her new boo, Zachariah Darring got married just last month in Indianapolis and she told TMZ that he's "got her back forever"! This is her third marriage and it promises to be "the charm"! This is the prime example of folks not being a good fit for each other and the minute things are over and done, THE ONE swoops in and saves the day.

Congratulations to KeKe and Zachariah and to Michael Jamar Ford and whoever he's with. KeKe has eight children, three from her first marriage and five with Michael Ford. We wonder if she'll up her number of children by adding one or two more?

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