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Welcome Back! Singer Amerie Gives Us Her First Album in Nearly a Decade! "After 4am". [LIS

Singer Amerie took a break from the music industry to live her life, become a mom and focus on herself. That break had fans going crazy for nearly a full decade but the break is over! She's back with some new hits and a sound we all loved!

If you need to refresh your memory, you'll recall her major hit "1 Thing" had everybody on the dance floor rocking to a "go-go" beat!

Amerie announced the album was on it's way just yesterday with a post to social media. Fans had been in the dark up until then but they quickly rallied for the cause.

Take a listen to "After 4am" and tell us what you think!

So far, is "After 4am" a Play or Pass for you? Let's chat about it in the comments below!

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