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Pregnant Prostitute Nabbed for Stealing a Cop's Car When He Got Out to Get Money to Pay Her for

Lord have mercy this one is a doozy! A Brooklyn cop by the name of Ali Sheppard is getting some action but not the kind he was hoping for! Sheppard allegedly picked up a prostitute called "Unique" and another woman in the hope of having a threesome with the two women. Sheppard needed to cash because, of course, ladies of the night don't normally take CashApp and PayPal so, when he pulled up to the ATM, he had no idea HE was in for more than just a nice romp.

Sheppard exited his Jeep Wrangler leaving the two women AND his service weapon in the vehicle. When he was a good distance away "Unique", whose real name is Taquanna Lawton, hopped behind the wheel and took off!

The New York Post says that "Police found Lawton and the car Tuesday afternoon in Far Rockaway, but the gun was nowhere to be found, sources said."

“She claims she knows nothing about a gun,” the source said.

It’s unclear how far along Lawton’s pregnancy is. Sources said she refused to be fingerprinted at the 75th Precinct and was taken to the emergency room at the Brooklyn Hospital Center.

“How pregnant can she have actually been if she was planning on a ménage a trois?” the source said.

Lawton also is facing grand larceny charges for swiping a car in Nassau County, according to sources.

Sheppard, who is under investigation, has been suspended and may face charges himself.

“I think at the end of the day, it would probably be patronizing a prostitute,” a high-ranking police source said."

The disappointment doesn't stop there though!

Even Sheppard’s father couldn’t believe his 38-year-old son — a US Army vet who has been a cop the last 13 years — could be such a bonehead.

“You’ve got to be f–ing kidding me,” stunned dad Eugene Sheppard said from his home in Brownsville that he shares with his cop son.

“I’m in total shock. I would never have thought this. The man has been in the service twice. I’ve never heard that he would pick up a prostitute.”

I feel like I'm in a scene from Mulan!

This dude has brought shame and dishonor on himself and his whole family just because he felt like paying to play. Kind of makes you wonder though, he's an attractive guy, good job . . . why don't you have a woman at home that you don't have to pay for?

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