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Mother of Pregnant 10-Year-Old KNEW About the Abuse but Kept Living with the Abuser Anyway.

The triflin' mother of a 10-year-old girl, who was raped and impregnated by the mother's live-in boyfriend has admitted to KNOWING about the abuse. The mother, whose identity is purposely withheld to protect the identity of her daughter, was charged with child neglect, aiding child molestation and assisting in criminal activity. Charges that pale in comparison to the pain her young daughter had to endure.

The child reported the abuse to her mother but, her mother chose to ignore it and forced the child to lie about the father of the child. She wanted her to "blame" a friend at school but a relative of the child wasn't having it and reported their suspicions to the authorities which led to his arrest.

"Her boyfriend Nicholas Deon Thrash, 34, was sentenced to 160 years imprisonment on last Thursday on ten counts. On Tuesday she accepted a 20 year prison sentence, to be followed by five years of probation.

She admitted in court that her daughter told her that [she] was being molested by Thrash, yet she kept them living him and didn't report anything to the authorities.

She told her daughter to lie and say a classmate had impregnated her when she discovered her growing bump as she tried on dresses for a school dance.

She also moved from Georgia to Indiana with Thrash and kept living him.

Prosecutors were pleased with the plea deal as it meant the girl was spared the the emotional and psychological toll of having to testify against her own mother during the trial, which would have started in a few weeks.

Thrash was found guilty of 10 counts of molestation against his girlfriend's daughter in August this year and sentenced last week.

Thrash lied throughout his trial that he did not impregnate her and claimed her mother artificially inseminated her own daughter with his sperm.

Earlier this year, during his trial, the rapist had to be removed from court after shouting lies about the victim to the jury.

At one stage, the girl testified against him.

She clutched a stuffed animal to her chest as she told the jury how he had attacked her at least 15 times."

This was a horrible way for a little girl to live but hopefully, with counseling and a great support system she'll overcome her past. She gave birth to a baby boy at the age of 11 and now, at 12, she's making a new life with a Foster Family.

We're all disgusted at the fact that this isn't a clip out of the movie "Precious", somebody's baby actually had to live this nightmare. We know that there are oftentimes "slim pickin's" when it comes to eligible men out there but NOBODY should be this desperate to have a man that they sacrifice their own child.

How can we encourage children, or anyone for that matter, to report abuse when this child's own mother turned a blind eye?


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