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Waiting on a Pink Slip! Serena Williams is ADAMANT She Didn't Receive Any Coaching, Coach Says D

In the wake of the U.S. Open where Serena Williams was defeated by Japanese representative, Naomi Osaka, she sat down to finally set the record straight on a few topics. Following the widely publicized match, she received tons of backlash and praise for her performance and behavior. Williams, arguably the greatest female tennis player of all time, was hailed as both a Queen and a sore loser. If you've been mad busy and haven't heard the ruckus, get the 411 below.

Talk about nit-picking! Of course I don't know much about the technical side of tennis but, I do know a bruised ego when I see one. And, the insults didn't stop there. An Australian newspaper depicted her in a racist cartoon and her husband had to come to her defense!

" I am truly perplexed to learn this editor of the Australian newspaper behind the blatantly racist & misogynistic cartoon of my wife is a ‘Male Champion of Change" her husband, Alexis Ohanian Sr. wrote on Twitter.

People reported: "Following her controversial loss, Williams was fined $17,000 from her $1.85 million prize money for three violations: $10,000 for verbally abusing the umpire, $4,000 for receiving a warning about coaching; and $3,000 for breaking a racket."

After all of this drama, do you know her own coach had the nerve to say that he WAS sending her coaching signals?!? DUDE! Who does this?

Well, Serena Williams sat down with "The Sunday Project" to answer a few questions about what the world is calling a meltdown on the court.

Did we forget that John McEnroe used to have full on tantrums on the court?

EVEN IF SHE DID know that he was coaching, who does this dude work for? 45? You don't rat out your own team (unless the head of that team is the president of this country)!

We honestly believe that this goes much deeper than "coaching", a racket and an emotional outburst, all of which men in tennis have been guilty of for years. We believe that this has a lot to do with who Serena is as a woman, what she stands for and the company that sponsors her. I believe that she is taking this maltreatment so that those who come behind her won't have to endure it. She's still the champion in our eyes and we stand by that!

We're still rooting for her to win but, sis, fire this coach!

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