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Remy Ma Calls Out Joe Budden for Being "Scared to Death" to Clap Back at Eminem! State of

If you ever wanted to know what other artists think about what's happening in Black culture, you've found the right show. Rapper Joe Budden is the new host of Revolt TV's "State of the Culture" co-hosted by Remy Ma, Scottie Beam and Jinx. This is the Black "View", the Black "Real" and the Black "Talk" all wrapped up in one.

The crew get into industry disagreements, shot calling and the current state of the country and it's racism problem.

In this episode the hosts are discussing Eminem's newest album and how he decided to take shots at other artists INCLUDING Joe Budden. Remy Ma questioned Budden on why he hadn't responded and the whole conversation quickly went left of center. From the jump Remy Ma asked Budden is he was "mad p*ssy" and asked if he was "scared to death". Sis is DEFINITLEY keeping it 100 on the show and asking the tough questions. If you've got time, watch the premiere episode below.

"State of the Culture" is definitely the type of show that the industry needs right now. They're tackling the tough issues from a neutral standpoint that gets to the root of the problem. If every other show was like this, and NOT trying to stay in corporate pockets, we'd be making some ground as a nation.

That segment on drug use and music. . . STRAIGHT FACTS!

What are your thoughts on the topics discussed on "State of the Culture"?

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