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BREAKING NEWS: Gunman Opens Fire at a Cincinnati Bank. At Least 4 Have Been Killed. [WATCH]

The city of Cincinnati, Ohio is in an uproar right now. Just minutes ago a gunman opened fire inside a bank in the city's downtown area!

"Multiple people have been shot – at least one fatally – in what police called an active shooter situation downtown Cincinnati.

Police said they are actively investigating reports of a shooter at Fifth Third Bank at 511 Walnut St. in the lobby and loading dock.

It's near Fountain Square, which has been closed to foot traffic at this time.

An officer at the scene said there are at least two, and possibly more, people who've been shot. It wasn't immediately clear if the shooter was one of them.

Officials with the University of Cincinnati Medical Center said they have received at least four victims.

According to Cincinnati Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld, "Multiple shot, and tragically there are fatalities."

Several other nearby buildings are on lockdown as police investigate.

Sen. Rob Portman has released a brief statement as details develop, saying in part, "My staff and I are following the situation in Cincinnati. If you're downtown, please follow first responder instructions for the safety of everyone involved. Jane and I hope for a peaceful resolution soon."



Of the four people who have died, authorities confirm that one is the alleged shooter. The shooting DID NOT happen inside of a bank but an office building. Witnesses recall hearing at least 10 shot during their walk across the lobby of the building.

The story is still developing and only limited details are being shared at this time.




"Police said the gunman, identified as Omar Enrique Perez, 29, went into a sandwich shop and possibly other businesses before entering the lobby and opening fire around 9:10 a.m.

He was wearing a business suit at the time, according to several sources.

Perez shot five people in the lobby, police said. Three people were killed. The victims have been identified as Pruthvi Raj Kandepi, 25, Richard Newcomer, 64, and Luis Felipe Calderón, 48, according to the Hamilton County Coroner.

Two others were wounded.

Perez was confronted by four Cincinnati police officers inside the building, officials said, and a shootout commenced.

Perez was killed in the shootout, Cincinnati Police Chief Elliot Isaac said. Isaac also said the shooter acted alone, and there is no further threat to the public."

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