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Cardi B's Motherhood "Puppet Show" is Adorable! [WATCH]

Anyone who has every had a newborn knows that it is the most beautiful, amazing, stressful ,exhausting yet wonderful things you can experience. While most celebrities opt to bring in outside help, our girl Cardi B is keeping her journey all in the family.

Cardi, while still active on social media, has been hiding her appearance, for the most part, from fans except for the photo she posted of the family's first trip to baby Kulture's pediatrician.

That photo was the first, and last, time we'd seen her since giving birth. From here on out, we've heard her voice but been pleasantly surprised by the cast of characters who took her place. Watch her adorable "puppet shows" below.

Cardi has described baby Kulture as a "super night owl" after finally getting the little one to sleep at 5:39am!

We definitely feel her pain. Hang in there Cardi!

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