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Inside Cardi B and Offset's BardiGang "Bronx Fairytale" Baby Shower!

We don't know Cardi's exact due date but we do know that she had Atlanta popping last night at her BardiShower! The venue was decked out in pink roses, lush cream carpets and even ballerinas to welcome Cardi and Offset's bouncing baby girl!

Cardi mentioned on Twitter how excited she was to have a large family. . . until it was time to fly them all to Atlanta for the shower!

The "Bronx Fairytale" themed shower happened just a day after Cardi announced that the rumors of her marriage to Offset were actually true. The couple married in an impromptu ceremony last September. An entire month before he presented her with her ring which we all took for a proposal! He was actually giving her the ring he promised he would give her on the day they got married. If you missed that video, click here.

The shower was well attended by both families and their famous friends including Monica and Shannon Brown, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, Mona Scott-Young and, of course, her little sister Hennessy Carolina.

Watch the couples entrance and the highlights of the party below!

I don't know about you but, to me, it looks like our girl is ready to pop!

The baby shower even had it's very own Bardi Baby Bodega!

And yes it was stocked with customized products even pink Ramen noodles!

From the looks of the boom mic hovering above her head in this video, and the cameramen in others, the couple must have been filming the shower either for their own enjoyment or, a possible forthcoming reality project.

They look absolutely adorable! Congratulations to the happy couple!

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