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Here We Go Again! Oklahoma Wendy's Caught with Live Mice in Their Buns! [WATCH]

An Oklahoma Wendy's restaurant is caught between a rock and a hard place after their own employees blew the whistle on them! An employee named Skylar Frame decided to "rat" on her employers when she found a live mouse in a package of sandwich buns!

"Skylar Frame shared it after management did not take action on Thursday.

"I just hear ‘Mouse, mouse, mouse!’ I'm like, we do not have mice in this store, what? I go back there and the mouse is moving around in the big buns,” she said.

The Wendy's team said in a statement that they've been made aware of the situation and take the matter very seriously.

They've launched an investigation with their pest control vendor and internal quality assurance, they said.

Employees said before the incident was reported, even just this week, loose cigarettes were left in the preparation area.

"The managers they're just like ‘Yeah we'll get to it, yeah it's not really that big of an issue.’ My boyfriend's mom, she called up later and said 'Is there mice in your store?' The manager at the time, Lillian, she denied that,” Frame said.

And then another employee posted the video of the mouse crawling around inside the bag of buns.

They said it follows a rat found earlier in the month.

"The next time I found an actual live mouse in there, crawling around, eating all the burger buns,” Samantha Niebelink said. “(The manager) told me ‘Just take a new rack and get the buns underneath.’ That was just disgusting because last time there was rat feces it was dribbling underneath every other rack.

"Employees said they've noticed multiple health code violations just in the last year and plan to quit if managers at the location don't take action.

"There was this one guy he was sick, he was a sandwich maker, and he was not wearing gloves,” Niebelink said. “He was rubbing his nose, he was making them, and he didn't care if the buns were toasted or not, he was just throwing them out. I thought I was going to throw up."

Wendy's corporate went on in their statement to say "nothing is more important than the safety of our employees and customers" and "we have stringent procedures in place to ensure a safe and well-maintained restaurant.

"They confirmed the local health department visited the location earlier on Friday and found no violations upon inspection.

Wendy's corporate said there were no reported violations in the last inspection report they have access to, which is from March."

I really think I'm done eating at fast food joints from now on. This is entirely too much!


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