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Jada, Willow and Gammy Talk "Vagina Hairstyles", "Walking in on Your Parents" an

Lord the Red Table Talk just keeps getting better and better! This week the three generations sat down, with Willow's best friend, to talk about sex, vagina stylings and the generational gap on sex information.

Willow describes her first encounter with sex as accidentally catching her parents in the act and feeling like she'd "over-stepped a boundary" and that she "wasn't supposed to be there". Well put kiddo! No kid wants to walk in on their parents and feel 100% comfortable with it.

Willow and her BFF Telana both stated that they had a hard time talking to their fathers about sex and said that it's easier talking to the same sex parent. Jada 'fessed up that she's VERY familiar with sex toys and that she knew THE NIGHT Jaden lost his virginity due to mother's "intuition"! Yeah, moms be knowin!

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