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Gurl Bye! Wendy Williams Sheds a Crocodile Tear for R. Kelly. [WATCH]

Now look. . . I know we all have our faults and we all cape for CERTAIN folks who are down on their luck at times but this is out of hand. On today's "Wendy Show", Wendy Williams sat down to discuss R. Kelly and his trash behavior but actually ended up teary eyed.

Almost everyone I know has had a hard life, gone through some struggles and come out on the other side a better person. However, Wendy getting emotional over a grown man who still can't read, write or add is a little much. Take a look.

Gurl bye! If you don't have the people around you to push you to be a better human and YOU don't have the drive to better yourself then you're complacent. Anytime Fantasia can get a GED and learn to read and write, R. Kelly can too!

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