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"Pretty Hoe" Arrested and Charged with Trafficking Minors as Prostitutes!

No, I didn't just call this woman a "hoe" she called herself one! 22-year-old Melanie Williams, who socially goes by the name "Pretty Hoe", has a police record a mile long.

Williams is probably the most gangster prostitute I've ever seen in my life! Her Twitter feed is full of gunplay, nudity and even a video of herself (presumably) masturbating with a condom covered gun. The entire time I was reading her feed I kept wondering to myself: Where are her parents?

Williams has been in the "game" for a number of years, publicly flaunting her craft, SnapChatting her escapades, beefing and recruiting others. Recruiting the help was the path that led to her downfall.

According to reports:

"Melanie Denae Williams was indicted in US District Court in Los Angeles on Tuesday with trafficking minors for sex and using force or fraud to coerce an adult into prostitution. The indictment names Williams throughout by her 'Pretty Hoe' moniker that she used on an official website that described her as 'the most hated hoe in LA.'The 22-year-old was arrested Christmas Eve after forcing a woman she recruited for prostitution through social media to strip naked and then threw bleach on her and beat her with a broomstick, according to an affidavit by FBI Agent Emily Tripp."

"Deputy Federal Defender David Wasserman refused to comment on the case. Williams is being held in custody and faces arraignment Friday.

The victim identified only by her initials told police Williams had forced her to sell sex and took all the proceeds, Tripp said. When the woman tried to part company, Williams threatened to kill her and her family.

Williams forced the woman to tattoo 'Melanie' on her wrist and face to show she was her property, Tripp said.A video on Williams' phone showed a gun pointed at the alleged victim and a voice, believed to be Williams, asking her if she planned to leave."

"Tripp said videos on YouTube showed Williams beating unknown young women and also threatening them with a gun. Her postings on social media were replete with expletives.

One post on Snapchat stated in all caps: 'I'm not scared of jail so stop telling me anything about the MF police.'

An Instagram post under Williams' handle said: 'Who 18+ & wanna make some legit money?'

The affidavit filed with the charges does not offer details about the minors Williams allegedly recruited, though Tripp notes that she is part of a child exploitation task force.

Williams was sentenced last year to three months in jail for prostitution, Tripp said.

If convicted, Williams could face a minimum 10-year term and could be sentenced up to life in prison, prosecutors said."

I hope this woman gets some type of help. I understand the need to earn a living but I'll never understand how you can solicit and traffic minors, no matter how "fast" they are. I guess, it's my naiveté in believing that everyone was born with a set of morals.

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