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Young Woman in Alabama Dies After "Accidentally" Being Shot in School.

17 year old Courtlin La'Shawn Arrington had a bright and promising future. She had just been accepted into college and was looking forward to her 18th birthday in just 30 days. All of that came to an end when she was "accidentally" shot by a fellow student at her Alabama high school this morning.

According to reports a 17 year old male student brought a gun to school and accidentally shot Courtlin when he was trying to show it off then accidentally shot himself while trying to put it away!

"It has been reported that the boy then shot himself in the abdomen while putting the gun back in his pants after accidentally shooting La'Shawn.The student is now in critical but stable condition. A school employee was also wounded during the incident. He was treated at the scene and released. Birmingham City Schools has confirmed that two students 'were involved in a shooting during dismissal'.

"Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin gave a tribute to the young woman who was killed, saying she was just '30 days away from being 18.

'We lost a person, not just a person, but a student,' he said. 'Someone's daughter, someone's best friend.'

'She was 30 days away from being 18 and had been accepted into college. We need to wrap our arms around Huffman High School.'

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey said the accident reaffirmed that students should not be allowed to have guns at school.'I'm saddened to learn of the death of the Huffman student,' she said in a statement.'I'm praying for the family of this young lady who tragically lost her life way too early. Every life is precious and even though it was an accident it reaffirms there's no place for students to have firearms on campus.'

Alabama Rep. Terri Sewell also gave her condolences to the family and said it was time for Congress to stop settling for 'symbolic gestures'.

'My heart is breaking for those hurt and killed in the shooting at Huffman High School,' the Democratic congresswoman said in a statement.

'I cannot imagine the grief of the parents who lost their little girl today to gun violence. She was part of our community's future.' 'We have a responsibility to protect our schools from gun violence, accidental or otherwise.' 'Every year more students and teachers, sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters are killed in school shootings – we need to do everything in our power to make this incident the last.'"

We are definitely praying for this young woman's family.

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