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K. Michelle Gets "Crazy Like You" in New Music Video! [WATCH]

If you're alone this Valentine's Day and you find yourself being a little bitter, you might want to add K. Michelle's song "Crazy Like You" to your rotation!

This song is definitely the theme song to making prank phone calls, busting windows and acting a fool in front of somebody's mama's house! Check out some of these lyrics!

"Don't make me call your friends

Lie to em

Tell them you like men

Call yo mama up

Yo Daddy been tricking on my best friend

I would spend yo money up

But you don't even make enough

Versace, Jordan's and Gucci

I burnt all yo sh*t up!"

This is most definitely the song for a woman scorned!

Look, I'm here for this one too. Every now and then a girl needs some music to wild out to!

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