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Mo'Nique Calls Out Sheryl Underwood for Speaking Against Her Pockets!

Mo'Nique is at it again. Since she called for the Netflix Boycott her name has been on everyone's tongues. Her movement was the topic of conversation on Sheryl Underwood's daytime talk show "The Talk" where Underwood tried to clear up a comment she made concerning Mo'Nique. Underwood said "I do not recollect ever asking her to take less money, especially if she felt she was violated. What I asked her to do and what I was hoping that she would do, was to talk to Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels... Now she may not agree with me but what I do commend her for now is having the discussion that will hopefully open the door to solving this racial and gender inequity problem that we see."

Watch the full conversation below.

Just this morning Mo'Nique made a public video responding to Sheryl's statement and then proposing that she be a guest on "The Talk" to clear the air and see who is right.

She said, in part, "the one thing that I admired about you was that everybody knew, you don't mess with Sheryl Underwood's money. Now that I'm trying to get the money for us, why does that seem to be a problem?" Listen to her full statement in the video below.

Do you all think that she's going to get anywhere with this or should she drop it? I get her fight but I think the approach is wrong. #LetsChatAboutThis in the comments below.

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