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Popular Vegan Chef Arrested for Killing His Family on Christmas Day. [VIDEO]

The holiday season is always rough for those who are depressed, without their families, or just not in their best emotional state. Anthony Ross, 45, a popular vegan chef, author and motivational speaker who often encouraged others to follow in his footsteps on his weight loss and health journey, did the unspeakable this Christmas. Just hours after posting a video with his 11 year-old son Nigel, Ross reportedly shot and killed the young boy, his 38 year-old wife Iris and his 10-month-old daughter Anora.

According to reports, Ross' estranged wife "was found dead outside an apartment complex in Phoenix, Ariz., before he barricaded himself inside the home with their 10-month-old daughter Anora and 11-year-old son Nigel."

"Anthony Ross exchanged gunfire with police before authorities swarmed the residence and arrested him in a dramatic conclusion to the six-hour standoff.

An officer was hit by shrapnel in the firefight, and Anthony Ross was taken into custody uninjured on Monday night.

Police later found the couple’s two children dead inside the apartment."

Ross' sister-in-law, Mary Wogas, told authorities that she had received text messages from his saying “I just killed Iris and the kids.” Moments later, another text came, announcing, “with a gun."

“I knew that man was very unstable. I knew he had a very, very dark side...I didn’t know it was this dark."

At this time authorities have no motive as to why Anthony Ross killed his wife and children yet they are investigating this as a domestic violence incident.

Ross was in court on Tuesday where he faced three counts of first degree murder. Let's pray for the family members who have to deal with the sadness and legal drama that remains.

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