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Woman Gets Thrown Out and Nosey Neighbor Catches the Aftermath on Video! "Gotta Learn to Keep Y

There are times when someone else's trials are actually funny and this is one of those times! A woman's husband confronted her for allegedly cheating on him and threw her out of the house. By "threw her out" I mean, HE PUT EVERYTHING SHE OWNED OUTSIDE! The couple's neighbor decided to record the aftermath and the commentary is absolutely hilarious! Laced with wisdom, wise-cracks and plenty of shade the nosey neighbor is absolutely going to be the highlight of your day!

The neighbor, Shameka Penn, offered to help her, but kept recording while she wielded "advice" telling the woman "You got to keep your legs closed" and then asking "You eat chit'lins? That's the problem with y'all. You don't eat chit'lins but you sucking on community d*ck!" This video is everything a nosey neighbor wants to do in situations like this but some are scared to do!

After Penn helps her to move her belongings to the apartment complex's basement storage, she asks to know the neighbor's name (in Spanish). The displaced wife says "Why you wanna know my name?" That's when things get even more interesting!

Watch and get your life!

*WARNING* This video contains profanity.

Moral of the story "You got to keep your legs closed" and when someone helps you, BE GRATEFUL!

Shemeka Penn is probably my most favorite person this year!


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