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O, This is Bad! Oprah Puts the Breaks on a Fauxprah Scammer! [VIDEO]

Tis the season for fraud and scammers! Everywhere you look lately there's a "money loom", Western Union hook-up opportunity, GoFundMe's for "stolen" Christmas presents and, of course, regular old scammers who impersonate celebrities. The latter is the case that Oprah Winfrey took to her social media accounts to expose just before the holiday.

In the short video Ms. Winfrey warned her followers that "someone out there is trying to scam" them using "her name and avatar". She urged them not to give out their personal information to anyone pretending to be her or, anyone else for that matter. Watch the warning below.

Now listen, we all know Mother O is NOT going to be asking her followers for money! The sad part is, someone has probably already given to the Fauxprah. Speaking of giving money, Charlamagne "The God" from The Breakfast Club took this opportunity to shoot his shot in O's comments.

If she lets him hold $50, and I didn't ask, I've definitely missed a BIG opportunity! Beware everybody, the scammers are getting reckless!

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