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The Paps Give Us a Peak at Rumi and Sir Carter! [PHOTOS]

It looks like we can finally distinguish which twin was which in the debut photo of Rumi and Sir Carter! From the looks of new photos that surfaced (taken by the paparazzi of course) it appears that the baby facing the camera in the photo above is Sir and the baby in profile is Rumi. That's just my speculation from looking at the new photos but we don't have to speculate that they are adorable.

Beyonce and Jay-Z's 5 month old twins were seen in Miami and of course, where there's Beyonce and Jay-Z, there's the ever spying eye of the paparazzi! The twins have picked up weight and look like the picture of health! Check out the new photos of the babies below!

These are photos of Rumi who looks a lot like a baby Beyonce!

Here are a few pictures of all of the children with Beyonce's mom, Tina Lawson, in tow. Little Sir already has big sister Blue's "over it" glare that she inherited from their father!

What an adorable family!

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