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Police Report Finding Heroin in Children's Halloween Candy!

It seems the old saying is true "Parents, check your children's Halloween candy before you let them eat it" and parents in Oregon are thankful they did! Reports came in to the Hillsboro police department that a mother found a small razor blade, presumably from a pencil sharpener, in her daughter's candy bar.

Police in Wisconsin found what appeared to be sewing needles inside of their Trick or Treaters candy too! The most heinous case of those reported from Halloween came from Virginia where a mother found what appeared to be drugs!

According to

"The child’s mother told WVNS that she was checking her child’s candy when she found the something wrapped in a rubber glove. Police conducted tests on the matter and confirmed it was heroin."

This is almost enough to make you want to forgo Trick or Treating in favor of throwing your own party or just crashing in on one at a local church or community center!


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