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Rihanna to #45, "Don't Let Your People Die Like This"!

By now we all know that Rihanna has never been one to bite her tongue or hold back when she sees something wrong or someone ruffles her feathers. Today, #45 had to personally learn that lesson. Countless celebrities have been using their platform to voice their opinions as well as their concern for what they feel is a lack of attention being given to Puerto Rico which, unbeknownst to some, IS a part of the United States!

Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Marc Anthony have made their voices, and pockets, available to the victims of Hurricanes Irma and Maria who have been without power, water and even some without food for almost two full weeks. Rihanna reached out to #45 on Twitter, calling him out by name, and urged him to help his people with one of the most heart-wrenching images we've seen thus far.

If this tweet wasn't direct, I don't know what is! Since it was posted this morning #45 has responded with a tweet of his own telling us all that Puerto Rico is now receiving the aide it desperately needs.

Let's hope he can keep his focus on the places who need help and not on whether or not athletes are taking knee during the anthem. Comedian Wanda Sykes shared the realest words to #45 when she said:

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