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KeKe Wyatt Makes it Clear in Her "I'm Not Crazy" Instagram Live! [WATCH]

In a recent Instagram Live video KeKe Wyatt sang for her fans, mothered her children and gave us all her side of this messy divorce situation. She spends the first few seconds in silence then tells viewers that there's really nothing she could say and she's "too blessed to be stressed". After a few more seconds, spent disciplining the couple's youngest child Bella, KeKe says that she's "human. That's what I was born to be, was a human like everybody else, right?But. . . One thing I'm not. . . is I'm not crazy, I'm not toxic and. . . I'm just human."

If you want to cut to the emotional parts of the video skip to the 9:00 mark but, if you want to watch a glimpse of her life, watch the whole video below!

Still praying for you girl!

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