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Police Brutality in Columbus, Ohio Caught on Video! [WATCH]

A Columbus, Ohio man has been arrested in what can only be described as a heinous, vicious, attack at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve. Timothy Davis was brutally beaten, stripped naked, handcuffed and then refused proper medical treatment. If you want to watch a brief portion of the incident, the video is below, if you want to skip it, I completely understand.

WARNING: This video contains strong language.

Here is the full 4 minute video of the horrific event.

Catherine Blackmon-Shaw, an aunt of Davis', took to social media to express her outrage about the way her nephew was treated and the way the family has been threatened by certain city officials.The story is completely murky, and lacking key details. but the video taken from inside the store certainly doesn't look like a typical arrest.

The mother of the victim also took to social media to publicly blast those who had been threatening her privately!

Here is an update posted by his aunt just a few days later.

This case just keeps getting worse with more information being revealed by the victim's family than the actual police department. The Mockingbird Paper reports "Court Records show he has not even been charged with a crime although he appeared in is court in a wheelchair. He needs dialysis and the full extent of the injuries to his internal organs from blunt force trauma are still not known.He was not beaten half to death for nothing, he was beaten mostly to death for nothing, as the video above shows. The undercover officers were party of the so-called summer safety initiative, which targets youth in majority black neighborhoods during the summer time." Here's my question: If Davis hasn't been charged with a crime yet, why is he still being held?

If you're wondering what else is relevant to this case,check out this caption.

Something is definitely wrong with this story! I'll have more for you as it develops.

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