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Tamar Braxton May Be Giving Us More Than New Music. Is She Pregnant Too? [PHOTOS]

Tamar Braxton has the rumor mill grinding again with her new music, divorce speculations and now possibly a new baby! In recent weeks Tamar has been looking a little fuller around the waist and being cryptic with her captions. Now we all know that Tamar has struggled with infertility in the past and is the mother to "miracle baby" Logan who turned 4 earlier this summer. The fluffier midsection could be caused by age, fertility treatments or, if you're like Brandy and Halle Berry, PMS and food. Whatever the cause, check out these photos and draw your own conclusion!

And then she tweeted this!

We all know that Tamar LOVES her soul food! Do you think she's pregnant or has just been eating good lately?

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