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Straight from the Horses Mouth! KeKe Wyatt Spills Her Own Tea on Cheating Husband! [WATCH]

As if having a child battling cancer wasn't enough, KeKe Wyatt took to social media to disclose even more family drama and pain! In the tear filled video, a very pregnant, KeKe held back sobs as she detailed the lies that her husband has been telling other women about them. According to the video, he's already been telling women that they're headed for divorce even though no formal paperwork has surfaced.

Although the video has been since deleted from her social media accounts, you can still watch it below.

Now some would probably say that this is all part of KeKe's dramatics but if we know nothing else, we know that she does any and everything that she can to provide for and protect her family. She shaved her head bald in solidarity and support for her child battling cancer and was recently seen performing while EXTREMELY pregnant. My heart goes out to her because this is definitely A LOT to deal with during what is supposed to be a happy and peaceful time in her life.

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