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After Tons of Backlash, Joel Osteen Caves in and Opens Church Doors to Victims.

It looks like the squeaky wheel DOES indeed get the oil! The wonderful, yet pissed, citizens of the internet had quite a few words for Pastor Joel Osteen after word, and video, circulated that he wasn't opening his church to receive flood victims seeking shelter. After what seems like an eternity to those who were waiting, the church doors have finally opened. According to TMZ "Lakewood Church's lobby has been lined by piles of books, towels, toys, diapers, clothing and more ... a stark contrast to what it looked like a mere 24 hours ago."

It's a nice gesture but it came a little late for some who chose to voice their opinion of Osteen all over the Twitter streets!

See how Joel said the backlash actually helped him!

Yikes! Let's keep these flood victims in prayer because they're surely going to need it!

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